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We do not have a choice in such matters...

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We do not have a choice in such matters...

Old typewriters, a devoted book club, and Merriam-Webster's word of the year.

Eight great things worth sharing this week:

  1. On December 15, typewriter collector Steve Soboroff is auctioning off "the world's greatest typewriter collection." Scroll down to the 1902 Bar Locke #10 owned by Jack London and notice how the keys are in a different order and there's a separate set of keys for capital letters. He wrote 1,000 words a day on that thing. So cool.
  2. Nerd Word of the Week: deipnosophist ~ an adept conversationalist at the dinner table. As in: He brought Rachel, the deipnosophist, in the hopes that she would distract his mother.
  3. Paul Lynch just snagged the Booker Prize with Prophet Song, his fifth novel portraying a dystopian Dublin on the brink of totalitarianism. His goal? Instilling “radical empathy” onto his Western audience. Despite hesitations about writing about heavy topics, he insists, "I had to write the book anyway. We do not have a choice in such matters."
  4. If you've been thinking about it but haven't yet reserved your spot, now is the time to sign up for my Next Draft Retreat in January. Join an intimate group of women in exploring the skills you need to turn that first draft into a beautiful story. Sign up today!
  5. Merriam-Webster just published their word of the year: authentic. Curious about what makes it so special? Find out here.
  6. A few weeks ago, member of my online writing community, Caroline Grant, wrote a bittersweet essay on family dynamics and how to smoothly orbit with your loved ones through life's cosmic cycles. Definitely worth a read.
  7. It took James Joyce 17 years to write Finnegans Wake. I remember struggling with it in grad school and being glad we only had to read sections, so I am deeply impressed that this bookclub worked their way through it, in its entirety, over 28 years. Talk about commitment.
  8. In case you haven't heard, I'm going live on Instagram every Wednesday at 12:30pm PT to talk about writing. If you're struggling with something or just want to learn more about the craft, be sure to tune in. #alwayslearning

Happy writing, my friends,


P.S. Have you seen The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes? Check out this review comparing the two—because who can resist a good old book vs. movie showdown?


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