Never suffer from writer's block again!


In this 30-minute mini masterclass we'll pull back the curtain on writer's block and get real about what's actually keeping us from writing.

  • Discover how “writer’s block” is just a catch-all phrase we use to describe the thoughts (conscious or unconscious) that keep us from writing.
  • Learn to recognize and banish those thoughts.
  • Apply what you learn immediately to get started, stay focused, and finish your manuscript.

What people are saying:

"April helped me learn some of the patterns of my mind that I hadn’t ever had awareness around before." - Barbara

"No 'magic recipes,' no demanded 'steps for success,' just really thoughtful help and guidance." - Marjie

"It gives you tools overcome obstacles that you weren’t even aware existed..."

- Jennifer

"I want to say what a most useful, practical and feel-good session I found it. The pace, April's voice, what she said, everything just encouraged me along."

- Robert

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